All about Amateur Radio for beginners (briefly) – Link



Good afternoon!

I’m just getting in touch to thank the members of the 4U1A ARCDXC Club… your reference materials web page was a big help. I’m the program coordinator for our library here in New Hampshire. The last few weeks before spring usually bring some wild weather so we’re always looking for fun ideas to keep our community entertained while staying inside.

Next weekend we have a licensed amateur radio operator coming in! He’ll be teaching a class on how to get a Technician class license! We held this class last year and the turn out was amazing! I was surprised at how many younger kids showed up! I’ve been putting together a reference guide for our members… you listed some wonderful amateur radio websites to include, so I wanted to let you know how much you’ve helped us! Thanks again!

One of my volunteers, Conner, has also asked me to send you this reading on Ham Radio for Beginners: …Not only are there some great readings on the history and evolution of amateur radio, but there are some excellent glossary of terms, study guides and even online quizzes!

Conner thought it would make a really fun addition! Will you include it on your page for us? …Conner is volunteering his time with us for class credit at school, so I’d love to share this with his teacher. The next round of report cards come out in 2 weeks and he could really use some brownie points. Can you let me know if you use it?

Skye Olley