We express our sincere gratitude to all our wonderful sponsors,supporters and partners without whom our activity would be impossible.

Individual Sponsors / Donors:

4L5A – Alexander Teimurazov (ARCDXC Award)
K2QI – James Sarte
NT2X – Edward Kritsky
RD3BD – Vladimir Chepelkin (SK Dec. 2023)
RW3DD – Ken Vershkov
UA3DX – NIck Averyanov
9K2KU – Ali Husain
OE1ZZZ – Sparky
OE1AAJ – Max
DC8PAT – Patric Nolle

Corporate Sponsors / Donors:

United Nations Amateur Radio Club. United Nations Headquarters. New York City, NY 10017 USA.






VICREC (Vienna International Center Recreation Committee)

The VIC Recreation Committee (VICREC) established under the auspices of the then VIC Staff Committee, which comprised the Chairpersons of the various VIC staff Councils/Associations/Unions, to advise on all matters dealing with Club and Recreational Activities in the VIC.

The purpose of the Committee is to determine, clarify and co-ordinate policy among the Vienna Based Organizations (VBOs) in the area of staff activities and recreation.

YAGI.pro Company develops, designs and produces HF antennas for radio amateurs and professional telecomm market, providing for new, exciting possibilities in RF-World. Company is the exclusive implementer of antennas based on special formula. This gives its antennas some unparalleled features and characteristics, not found with any other antenna-producer.



DXNews is a 100% free resource of popular Amateur Radio DX news.
The DXNews.com website does not carry commercial advertisements of any kind.

DXnews is a preferred source of breaking news and provides a rich source of information for DX’ers and other web and email based DX news publications.

DXnews is more than just DX News! The website also regularly publish approvals for DXCC credit.

DX calendar gives the user a snapshot view of most current and future activations. Many DX’ers and Dxpeditions use this monthly calendar to determine their activations and planned activity on the radio.

DXNews.com is not only a DX news outlet. Their comprehensive reporting also includes news about Amateur Radio contest operations for major contests.



nolle.engineering is a private small engineering enterprise in Germany.

They have a passion for untangling complex problems. From space applications, RF transmission, high altitude atmospheric sensors to self-leveling landing pads, and balloon experiments. No puzzle is too tricky to explore.

The company provided support for the DX-Adventure expedition (4U100QO) to Vienna in 2023 and handed over the equipment for the successful launch of the 4U1A Club on the air via the “QO-100” geostationary amateur radio satellite.