By the decision of the club’s Council, since May 2021, the membership in the club is advisory in nature. To join the club, you must receive at least 4 recommendations (letters of recommendation) from club members

(Club members)

Membership in the club is paid and is indicated at the end of this page.
Payment for club membership and donations is made through PayPal.

The Club’s membership shall be open to all VIC staff members and their families, retirees from any VIC-based organizations, working in the VIC as contractors/consultants, as well as Non-UN Staff, showing willingness to participate in DXing, contests, and Club activities.

All dues-paying are considered as members of the Club. The Executive Board decides on acceptance or refusal of membership.

A person may become an honorary member upon appointment by the Executive Board based on his/her significant contribution to the activities of the Club.

All members shall protect the reputation of the Club. All members have voting rights.

Only those who have paid their annual subscription (calendar year) and whose names are in the membership list shall be eligible to attend the general meetings and, if willing, to submit candidacy for general elections of members of the Executive Board.

Elections shall be held every 3 years.

The revenue of the Club shall be derived from an annual subscription of Euro 25 and from other possible sources that the Club may decide on.

The Club shall maintain a revolving fund to cover its operating costs. The revolving fund shall be derived from the annual subscription and from the profit of the approved activities carried out on a periodic basis.


Have the right to be in the Club’s radio room unescorted and receive radio room keys from Security keys Unit of UN SSS        X
Have the rights to stay in the Club’s radio room accompanied by ARCDXC UN Staff member of the Club (only)              X
All members pay annual membership fees        X              X
Club membership’s registration number        X              X
Participation in the Club’s meetings        X              X
Participation in the Club’s elections / re-elections of the steering committee        X
Participation in Special events Club activities        X              X
Participation in the Club’s UNAP diploma program        X              X
Working in the contests (use ARCDXC DX Club category score)        X              X
Use of the Club’s logo on QSL cards and other attributes        X              X

Below you will find the information about our membership rates with the 4U1A ARCDXC. Our memberships run for one calendar year from the day you joined. We also offer Family, Student, Life and Family Life memberships and once you join, your membership starts immediately. Our membership rates are listed below.

Membership fees

Full Membership: 25.00 € per year.
Family Membership: 7.00 € each additional club member in same household with one Full Member.
Student Membership: 10.00 € per year (All full-time students interested in amateur radio “Student ID Required: )

Full Life Membership: 250.00 €
Family Life Membership: 300.00 €

If you have questions about your membership or making a payment, please contact to 4U1A ARCDXC Membership Club President or Club Treasurer by E-mail: 4u1a.arc (at)