To: 4U1A Guest Operator

Dear Radio Amateur,

Welcome to the Vienna International Centre (VIC), home of the Vienna International Amateur Radio Contest DX Club (ARCDXC), which operates the United Nations amateur radio station 4U1A. We are always pleased to welcome guest amateur radio operators from around the world. It is a VIC Safety and Security requirement as well as a VIC ARCDXC requirement that a club member escorts you during the entire time of your visit in the VIC. Therefore, I am sure you understand that the VIC ARCDXC has to make arrangements to allow guest visits to 4U1A.

If you have made advance arrangements to visit the station, please contact one of the persons mentioned in your confirmation communication. In the event that for some reason you have not arranged ahead with the VIC ARCDXC for a visit to 4U1A, we will still do our best to allow you to guest operate the station. However, please understand that the club members do have job responsibilities in the VIC and thus, the only available times are during the noontime, after working hours, and on the weekends.

In addition, due to the short notice, a club member may not be available. Many of the members have jobs requiring them to be away from their offices and with no access to their handys. Therefore, you are requested to fill out the form below and we will try to arrange an escort for your visit.

We thank you for your understanding.

ARCDXC President



Before you will fill out the form below, please check in the Club Calendar availability day to visit us.

Let us first thank you for visiting our Club station. For further station development we always welcome all kind of donations. Whether you donated $1.00 or $100.oo, or contributed in-kind, please accept our deepest gratitude!