ARCDXC International United Nations Club.

May 21, 2023


The ARCDXC club thanks the organizers of the expedition and all sponsors for the excellent organization!

It was a short but very intense program.
Each expedition is fraught with trials and difficulties. We were no exception. In a short time, the necessary equipment and an antenna were installed at UN VIC building. Thanks to experienced radio amateurs from Belgium, many problems were solved in a short time.

Many radio amateurs have become happy owners of the QSO and recorded the fact of communication in their logs. There were many QSOs and endless pileups, which only added adrenaline and optimism to the expedition team members.

Without the favorable attitude and help from the UN guards and UN staff, the expedition would not have been possible. Thanks to UN colleagues for their help and understanding!

Belgium members of the expedition received membership certificates and now became a club officials.

Many thanks to all the participants of the expedition from Belgium and especially to their families, who were sympathetic to this undertaking and allowed them to go on this short journey through half of Europe.

This short but very important expedition first of all showed the true great HAM spirit and friendship!

Thanks for everything dear friends!
See you soon in new adventures.

73 de 4U1A ARCDXC Club