A few days ago we have received QSL by E-mail from V85NPV from Brunei.

Many thanks for nice QSL and QSO Didier.
((( 73 )))

I will be located in Brunei Darussalam for the next few years before to be retired in Malaysia.

Former callsign : F5NPV, FR4FP and FM5GG

I am active using mostly CW but also in SSB mode I will start to be active using VARAC and SSTV in 2023 .

FT8 but thanks no thanks and definitely prefer the man-made modes of operation and ”Pinging” other stations is not the mode i fancy the most. Basically i use this mode RX only to check the propagation. i use it as a tool but definitly not as a mode to communicate

DXing means pushing the limits. DXing requires skills, knowledge, determination, patience, endurance, investment – it’s a constant pursuit of excellence and achievement. It is that spirit that makes a DXer, and not the results he or she has achieved.

I am still eager to operate myself my homebrew equipment and not relying on machine to achieve a QSO for me, experiment and learn new things in Radiocommunications.

I operate my station and equipment manually , not using any automatic features like decoders in particular for CW.

My Working Condition is with 100% homemade equipements: TRX, Power amplifiers,Antennas, ATU, Power supply, SWR/PWR meter, CW Keyer, DSP Filter and few interfaces.

My realtime Log : http://f5npv.free.fr/V85NPV.htm and my Live Stream : V85NPV Live Stream

In the following website you will find all my build , schematic , source code , gerber files and many more.

My Website : https://f5npv.wordpress.com/