Consequences of a strong storm in Vienna. The antenna did not fall and hung on the coaxial cable. The storm was so strong that it broke the aluminum platform that attached the boom to the antenna mast.

Vienna has seen heavy rainfalls too, with flooded garages, tunnels, cellars, and U-Bahn stations. Within an hour Saturday night, 15 liters of rain per square meter fell in the capital – as much as in all of the past seven weeks combined, according to the Vienna Professional Fire Department. The fire brigade was deployed more than 1,400 times in the last 48 hours.

“On Saturday, there were three storm cells in Vienna, the second of which brought the most precipitation,” Thomas Turecek of ZAMG told Wien heute. “The first storm cell on Saturday around 18:00 mainly affected Donaustadt, the second mainly Döbling, Hietzing, Liesing, the third then brought rain for the entire city.”

“The majority of the operations involved pumping out flooded basements, underground garages, or underpasses,” explained fire department spokesman Jürgen Figerl. In the south of Vienna, the Petersbach and Liesingbach rivers burst their banks in places. Leaking roofs or doors also kept the professional fire department busy.