Effective 13 June 2023.

Mr. Metin Serbetci (K2ECE), a Senior Security Officer in UNDSS, will be taking my place as the next UNARC/4U1UN President. It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the relinquishment of my post and title. I’ve been at the helm of the United Nations Amateur Radio Club for close to 15 years, and while I’ve savored my experiences captaining the oldest and most prestigious UN staff recreational entity, I’ve recognized that the club I represent deserves so much more than I can give it. Along with ever-increasing responsibilities pertaining to my official duties, my oldest daughter is leaving for Penn State this summer, and my youngest will be completing middle school. As such, there’s simply not enough time in this transitionary period of my life to dedicate the level of attention and passion, such a sought-after amateur radio station requires.

Mr. Phillip Dale (W2/G6CBR) will continue to serve as Vice President. I will remain in the club as President Emeritus in order to help Metin find his footing in what’s undoubtedly new territory for him. I thus call upon all of you to welcome and to support him, as you did for me during my tenure. Let’s collectively strive in making UNARC/4U1UN the best it can be, and with Metin now leading the charge, the future of 4U1UN looks to be brighter than ever for years to come.

Vy 73, James K2QI President, United Nations Amateur Radio Club.