Let’s sharing something amazing:

We never bothered with the 60m band (5 MHz), but here was a special event – TX5S (Clipperton 2024 DXpedition) appeared there.

Exactly at 05:45z they came out to us like a jack-in-the-box with a crowbar signal. Literally, after 5 minutes they went to zero. Completely gone… In these 5 minutes they were easily taken into FT8 at 100 watts with a report of -10 / +00 In addition to TX5S, P40AA was actively distributing reports to Europe, which was heard for about 20 minutes…

About the same thing happened yesterday at 3 pm local time, when we heard there is WL7E Joe from Alaska with a very decent signal and several more West Coast along the LP. There were TX5S there again, but they couldn’t be heard. The Scandinavians actively worked with.

Let’s try to call WL7E again today at 14-15 local.