4U18FIFA on the AIR

4U18FIFA has a special (unique) status:
– Status is equivalent to the finalist of the World Cup
– Status equivalent to the FWC finalist

Counts for “World” and “Participant” awards.

— Special event activity organized by 4U1A team —


of the radio marathon dedicated to the World Football Cup of 2018.

1.      This radio marathon dedicated to the World Football Cup of 2018 is organized by National radio-amateur organization named SRR (Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii).

2.      SRR organized Committee consisting of:

–         Igor Grigoriev (RV3DA) – the President of SRR;

–         Eugene Glukhov  (R4AS) – Diplom Committee of SRR;

–         Aliy Kuisokov  (UA6YW) – Special Event Station’s (SES) coordinator.

3.      This maraphon  started  at 00:00 UTC June 1st, 2018 and finished at 14:00 UTC July 15, 1 hour before  final game.

4.      During this period there will be active a number of Special Event Stations:

–         SES from Russia with suffix dedicated to  final-stage countries – R18ARG, R18AUS, R18BEL, … ;

–         SES from Russia with suffix dedicated to cities where matches will take places – RC18EK, RC18KA, RC18MO, … ;

–         SES from final stage countries – SES with suffix ***FWC or ***FIFA, and from other countries using suffix ***FIFA.

–         Other version may be possible.

  There are some countries where SES not allowed. In this case . These radio amateurs may use other kind of calls: either club or contest calls. All these stations will be listed in main SES list as  well.

  Full list of Special Event Station will be published at site   fwc18.hamlogs.net  before May 25.

  After finishing this marathon all members of such stations will be awardsd by memorable Certificates.

5.      Radio amateurs all around the world are welcome to take part.

6.      There are 3 awards in honor of WFC-2018.      


Applicant may work with any Special Event Stations referenced to WFC 2-18.

Complete list of these stations can be found in site fwc18.hamlogs.net

QSOs with the same station valid on different bands (160,80,40,30,20,17,15,12,10, 6 m, 2 m, 70 cm),

On the same band – by different modes (CW, Phone, Digital).

Award is issued in 3 classes:

Bronze – 100 QSOs
Silver   – 250 QSOs
Gold     – 500 QSOs.

Applicant may check proof of QSOs in site fwc18.hamlogs.net

SWL-stations have to send application on e-mail address: r4as@srr.ru

Only electronic awards will be issued.

 General rules for awards “FOOTBALL 2018”, “FOOTBALL 2018  – Participant”:

All QSOs must be made between 00:00 UTC June 1st 2018 and till 14: UTC July 15 2018.

Bands: 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70 cm) .

Modes :CW, Phone, Digital.

 Awards may be claimed as Mixed, CW, Phone, Digital (4 awards) and may be obtained on site fwc18.hamlogs.net

  SWL-stations have to send application on e-mail address: r4as@srr.ru

Only electronic awards will be issued.


  Applicant has to work at least 40 (fourty) special stations from  country-member of FIFA.

Such stations has special suffix ***FWC or  ***FIFA.

Only one station  is valid from each country.

Complete list of these stations is on fwc18.hamlogs.net

AWARD  “FOOTBALL 2018 – Participant”.

  Applicant has to work at least  25 (twenty five) special stations from  countries-participants of World Football Championship 2018.

  Such stations has special suffix ***FWC (sometimes  ***FIFA).

Only one station  is valid from each country.

List of country-participants:

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brasil, Colombia, Costa-Rica Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, England, Spain, France, Germany, Iran, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia,  Senegal, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, Tunisia, Uruguay.

Complete list of these stations is on fwc18.hamlogs.net

Maybe there will be more awards and plaques.

Complete information will be on site  fwc18.hamlogs.net

Important for FT8 users:
Because the special callsign can not be used on FT8 as usual (to many caracters) 4U18FIFA will sign:  4U/18FI. Anyone, who wants to work in FT8 mode just needs to edit this as 4U18FIFA and save it in the log. Please do NOT call us as 4U18FIFA – we cannot answer – only 4U/18FI. Last you receive is: 73

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