4U100QO DXpedition 2023

4U100QO Satellite Amateur Radio DXpedition 2023

Time left before activity starts…

The geostationary satellite Es’hail-2 carrying amateur radio transponders launched from Kennedy Space Center at 20:46 GMT on Thursday, November 15, 2018 and is now in a geostationary orbit at 25.9° East. These are the first amateur radio transponders to be put into geostationary orbit and they are expected to link radio amateurs from Brazil to Thailand.

Es’hail-2 coverage areaEs’hail-2 carries two “Phase 4” amateur radio transponders operating in the 2400 MHz and 10450 MHz bands. A 250 kHz bandwidth linear transponder intended for conventional analogue operations and an 8 MHz bandwidth transponder for experimental digital modulation schemes and DVB amateur television.

Narrowband Linear transponder
2400.050 – 2400.300 MHz Uplink
10489.550 – 10489.800 MHz Downlink
Wideband digital transponder
2401.500 – 2409.500 MHz Uplink
10491.000 – 10499.000 MHz Downlink

An expedition of Belgian radio amateurs to the UN Center in Vienna (Austria) is scheduled for May 18, 2023. Together with members of the 4U1A (ARCDXC) radio club, we are planning be active via the “QO-100” satellite in SSB, CW, FT8/4 modes for the first time in the history of the United Nations.

Expedition members:

RW3AH (OE1ZZZ) – Sparky   |   ON5UR – Max   |   ON6AJ – Alex   |   ON8AZ – Francis

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