UA1FA – Commemorative Award

The award is available for contacts made during special activity days, commemorating 90th birthday of of an outstanding radio amateur, HAM-radio designer, one of the founders of the “Union of Radio Amateurs of Russia”, Jacob Lapovok, UA1FA (1931-2014).

Activity starts at 00:01 Moscow time on August 9th (21:01 GMT on August 8th) and ends at 23:59 Moscow time (20:59 GMT) on August 16th, 2021, all bands, including WARC. All modes. Worldwide amateurs are invited to participate.

How to obtain UA1FA award

For each QSO with special stations (see the list below) and certain radio amateurs operating to commemorate Jacob Lapovok, UA1FA, 3 points are awarded. Repeated QSOs are allowed on different bands and different modes (different digital modes count as DIGITAL). QSOs with same station on different bands or different modes count as different QSOs.

To receive an electronic award, which is issued automatically through (you have to upload your log there in .adi format), you need to score 90 points, including at least 10 special and commemorative stations from at least 3 countries of the world.

List of Special and Commemorative Stations

· RA90FA – Saint-Petersburg, European Russia
· RC90FA – Khabarovsk, Asiatic Russia
· RD90FA – Birobidzhan, Asiatic Russia
· RK90FA – Republic of Crimea, European Russia
· RL90FA – Stavropol & Kuban, European Russia
· RM90FA – Rostov-on-Don, European Russia
· RN90FA – Republic of Karelia, European Russia
· RO90FA – Omsk, Asiatic Russia
· RQ90FA – Chuvash Republic, European Russia
· RT90FA – Nizhny Novgorod, European Russia
· RU90FA – Perm, Asiatic Russia
· RW90FA – Pskov, European Russia
· RY90FA – Republic of Adygea, European Russia
· RZ90FA – Moscow, European Russia
· EM90АFA – Sumy, Ukraine
· EM90BFA – Ternopol, Ukraine
· EM90IFA – Donetsk, Ukraine
· EM90QFA – Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
· UT/N2TA – Odessa, Ukraine
· ER90FA – The Republic of Moldova
· EV90FA – The Republic of Belarus
· UN90FA – The Republic of Kazakhstan
· ES90FA – Estonian Republic
· 4X90FA – State of Israel
· VK5/N2TA – Adelaide, Australia
· EA8/N2TA – Canary Islands
· W0L – United States of America
· 4U1A – Vienna, United Nations

In addition to special stations listed above, contacts made with several individuals (who are among UA1FA’s family and friends – listed below) also count towards the award and plaque.

· RC1BW – Natalia, XYL UA1FA
· RZ3CC – Gena
· UA0NL – Artur
· RW1AI – Mike
· UT5UT – Nick
· UR5WA – Helen
· US5WE – Victor
· EW1A – Victor
· UN7FW – Vadim
· 4L1R – Pavel
· YL2AG – Sandy
· OH5ZZ – Boris
· NT2X – Ed
· 4Z4KX – Mark
· 4X1IM – Serge
· SU9VB – Vlad

In addition to an electronic award, you can get a plaque “Jacob Lapovok 90”. You have to score 90 points, each QSO gives you 3 points. QSOs with same station on different bands or different modes count as different QSOs.

Plaque’s size 200x250mm, fee – USD 49 or EUR 43, payment via PayPal The fee includes shipping by airmail to any country (tracking number provided). Questions regarding plaque and applications should be sent to RW3DD:

If you have any questions about Jacob Lapovok, UA1FA, Commemorative Award program, please contact Serge, RN3RQ:

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