Ham radio regulatory changes in Austria

The ÖVSV reports Manfred Mauler OE7AAI has summarized the amendments to the new Austrian Telecommunications Act in relation to Amateur Radio

The future changes listed are:
• Use of club radio stations liberalized at international events
• Licenses are limited to 10 years (also for foreign CEPT holders)
• Callsign approved for 10 years (and reserved for 5 years)
• Existing licenses phased out from December 31, 2022
• License to cost 200 Euros
• Emergency and disaster radio communications at the request of authorities
• Deadline for registration of emergency and disaster radio exercises changed
• Penalty of 1,000 Euros for late registration of exercises
• Cancellation of import authorization v. Radio systems for personal use
• Opt-In required for personal data to appear in published callsign list

Download the summary by Manfred Mauler OE7AAI

ÖVSV in Google English

Austria’s Amateur Radio Callsign List (die Rufzeichenliste) used to freely available as a PDF on the website of the Regulator BMVIT and was updated monthly. It appears that GDPR legislation has resulted in it being withdrawn. The last known callbook was dated July 3, 2018.


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