4U1A (ARCDXC) Honored with Krenkel Gold Medal

4U1A (ARCDXC) Honored with Krenkel (RAEM) Gold Medal for Outstanding Global Contributions to Amateur Radio.

The Russian National Academy of Researches and Discoveries has honored 4U1A (ARCDXC) with an Krenkel (RAEM) Gold Medal for “outstanding global contributions to Amateur Radio.”

The award’s namesake, Ernst Teodorovich Krenkel, was a radio amateur who, over the years, used the call signs RAEM, U3AA. Born in Poland, Krenkel was an Arctic explorer who took part in the first Soviet “drifting station,” North Pole-1 (“СП-1”). He was made a “Hero of the Soviet Union” in 1938 for his exploits.

Ernst Krenkel (WiKipedia)

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