1st in Europe PA from Russia in the 4U1A Club

The first impressions of the Linear HF Power Amplifier with liquid cooling system – “BURST-2000A” (Made in Russia).

    Given my past bad experience with the new two Italian EXPERT 1.5K-FA amplifiers and comparing these two products, I can say the following:

    – Weight 15 kg.
    – “BURST-2000A” turned out to be so quiet that the nearby computer with it just seemed like a hell of a machine …
    – Reaching the limit of 70 degrees during the transmission of the signal turned out to be very difficult, and this could only be achieved in SSB mode. In CW, the maximum that I managed to achieve was 55 degrees only.
    – There is no data on IMD yet. Will be later.
    – Very simple menu control.
    – Separate setting of ALC parameters, which is not in EXPERT. Implemented easy. You can pick up a manual for yourself. ALC works just fine.
    – Lack of antenna tuner, which facilitates the construction of an order of magnitude. Yes, it is there not really needed, if on all SWR antennas no more than 2.0.
    – The threshold of protection operation on the SWR is now 2.0, but the developer (at our request) will set it to 2.5 through the next firmware update.
    – CAT control (self-failure). Connector withdrawn from the rear panel. DB-9 connector instead of USB is installed in sense of reliability in case of  QRO interference.
    – Bands switching is automatic. CAT connection is not necessary. The microsecond amplifier determines the TX frequency at the beginning and switches itself to the desired Band.
    – No interference from the switching power supply in the HF spectrum.
    – Very competent protection algorithm.
    – The internal log is recorded in the event of various of protection and failure. EXPERT has it too. It is very useful for the developer with further repairs, as a fault diagnosis, accounting and failure database.
    – The cost of the PA for this class, I think moderate, but not yet final – 4K USD.

  • 2500 Watts in CW mode on 14 MHz.

    Among the shortcomings (in my opinion) – IMHO:
    – No antennas matrix and only one Power Output plug. But, it is implemented as a separate unit, which is connected to the amplifier through a cable. It is possible that this is convenient. I do not know.
    – Minor flaws in the menu, which we reported to the developer (11 points). Everything will be done on time and latter.
    – No user PC interface for remote access yet. It will be developed in the coming days.
    – QSK mode is not provided. Yes, it is not necessary. Especially for such QRO Power (IMHO).

    In general, the PA leaves a good impression. Given the previous operating experience of this class of equipment, especially the two new “EXPERT-1.5k-FA” amplifiers are just earth and sky. Not in favor of the Italian.

    Let’s see how “BURST-2000A” will working further … Hard testing has just begun. Let’s see … In any case, about all Seen “bugs” reported immediately to the developer and of course will be eliminated ASAP.

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