Memorial “Victory-74” Award from Russia

Every year, Russia celebrates May 9 as the day the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany in World War II.

Modern-day Russia marks Victory Day with parades and processions across the country, but none more well-known than Moscow’s massive parade that showcases the Russian military’s tanks, planes, artillery and soldiers.

The radio amateurs of Russia also celebrates this day on the HF bands and very active with a special call-sign prefixes as “RP” (“RADIO POBEDA”).

ARCDXC Club was participated in the event and worked with 56 special event “RP” radio stations. In this regard, we have fulfilled the conditions of the basic VICTORY DAY diploma.

Great appreciation to the organizing committee of the event – (SRR) “Soyuz Radiolyubitelej Rossii”. Personally to President of the SRR Mr.Grigoriev (RV3DA) and to all radio amateurs of the Russian Federation for great help.

Congratulations on the Great Victory Day!