4U1A “Radio Activity” Statistics

4U1A ARCDXC “Radio Activity” Statistics.

Since of 08 July 2017:

ARCDXC worked on all HF (160 – 6m + WARC) Bands by CW, SSB and DATA with more than 270 DXCC countries.

1st ever QSO has been made with TF4M Op.Thor on 20m Band by CW.

4U1A: 87.444 QSO (up to 28 February 2019) – Primary Call sign.
4U0R: 7.993 QSO (Special event)
4U1FIFA: 20.072 QSO (Special event)
4U1XMAS: 10.285 QSO(Special event)
4U2U: 8.205 QSO(Special event)
Total: 133.999 QSO

4Y1A: 14.717 QSO – Primary Call sign.
C7A: 13.057 QSO – Primary Call sign.
Total: 27.774 QSO

Total: 161.773 QSO


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